General biology Laboratory 2303104

Biology Department, Chulalongkorn University



This general biology lab class (2303104) is a required course for undergraduate students in psyhoclogy program (international).


Class co-ordinator

Dr.Sukanya charoenphorn



Course syllabus (please ask from co-ordinator)


Lab manuals

ATTN: Lab 3 has been changed, please use the new one  (updated 20150127)

Lab 1-5

Lab 2 — Tissue and organ (updated 20150129)

Lab 3 — Vertebrate organ system (updated 20150127)


Lab 4 — Homeostasis (updated 2015-02-11)


Lab 6-10


The lab manual(s) is going to be updated soon.

Plaese closely follow an instruction from the instructor(s) in every class.


updated: 20150126, 12:51