General biology Laboratory 2303104

Biology Department, Chulalongkorn University



This general biology lab class (2303104) is a required course for undergraduate students in psyhoclogy program (international).


Class co-ordinator

Dr.Sukanya charoenphorn



Course syllabus (please ask from co-ordinator)


Lab manuals

ATTN: Lab 3 has been changed, please use the new one  (updated 20150127)

Lab 1-5

Lab 2 — Tissue and organ (updated 20150129)

Lab 3 — Vertebrate organ system (updated 20150127)


Lab 4 — Homeostasis (updated 2015-02-11)


Lab 7 - Evolution (update 2015)


Lab 10 — Behavior (update 2558)

Lab 6-10


The lab manual(s) is going to be updated soon.

Plaese closely follow an instruction from the instructor(s) in every class. Plese DO check for the last updated version in each class.


updated: 20150126, 12:51